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Why Change HTML Email Design

Having an email template set and working very few email marketers return to it and make changes to the template design and layout. We used to customize the email Subject line and content for each email campaign but we rarely think about modifying basic HTML design. But email world is evolving and the appearance of new technology, tactics, means and features may demand changes in the template design. Here are a few factors which may have impact on the HTML email design: 1. Growing Popularity of Mobile Email Email communication is one of the popular activities on iPad, iPhone and other mobile...    Read more

Top 5 Tips for a Better HTML Email Design

Designing HTML email is one of the key steps in email marketing. A good looking HTML email will bring you a higher open rate than a plain text message. But when a HTML email comes in a distorted format which makes it unpleasant or even unreadable, you can't expect a high response from your subscribers. And moreover, bad HTML code may trigger anti-spam filters which will block your message. This will definitely hurt your deliverability and sender reputation. That's why you need to make sure that your HTML email looks well in different email clients and web-based email services. We...    Read more

How to Upload Images to Website

Some web based email services, for example MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail etc. display the images within the message and plus attach the images files to the message. Here is how a HTML email that contains the images from a local disk is displayed in Hotmail (note the attached image files at the top): To avoid showing the images as attachments, I recommend that you upload your images to a website. By doing this, you also decrease the size of your email and increase the speed of sending the email. That's what we aim for! Here is how the same email is displayed in Hotmail after I uploaded the...    Read more

Design Your HTML Email Directly in G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail – the most cost-effective bulk email sender software that companies and individuals all over the world are using to send fantastic email campaigns, split test/track results and manage their lists – within minutes – and increase their return on investment. G-Lock EasyMail provides you with a fully featured context-sensitive message editor. In addition to the plain text message format, there is a HTML editor that you can use to give a special emphasis to your message: bold, colors, and embedded pictures. So you can design your HTML email template directly...    Read more

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